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Lab Phorms: Redefining Laboratory Sample Submission

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Transforming the Traditional Approach

A Leap Forward in Laboratory Management

By replacing tedious manual entries and static forms, Lab Phorms makes the process of submitting samples more straightforward and efficient. It's a digital leap forward, designed to make life easier for labs and their clients alike.

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Leverage Your Web Presence for Efficient Client Onboarding

Convenience for You and Your Clients

Streamlined Submission
Integrated Scheduling
Real-Time Information
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Customized Solutions Tailored to You

At Lab Phorms, we understand that no two laboratories operate identically. That's why our sample submission and scheduling platform is designed with full customization in mind, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the specific needs and workflows of each laboratory we serve.

Who We Are at Lab Phorms

Innovation, Simplicity, and Sustainability in Every Step

Meet the Team

Lab Phorms began as an innovative response to the unique challenges faced in the medical cannabis industry. In a sector where precision and compliance are paramount, we identified a critical gap in sample management and record-keeping. Born from this need, Lab Phorms was developed by a team of dedicated laboratory professionals who understood first-hand the intricacies and demands of laboratory work. Our initial goal was simple yet ambitious: to streamline and simplify the complex process of handling samples in cannabis laboratories.

Our mission is to empower laboratories across various sectors with our bespoke electronic Chain of Custody replacement. We are committed to enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring accuracy, and fostering compliance in laboratory processes. Lab Phorms is not just a software solution; it’s a catalyst for transformation, designed to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing needs of the scientific community.

Our vision is to provide an efficient, eco-friendly electronic chain of custody (eCoC) solution that modernizes the sample intake process. We aim to replace outdated methods with a streamlined online intake form, simplifying the initial steps of sample submission for labs and their clients. Our focus is on perfecting the first crucial step with simplicity, accuracy, and environmental responsibility.

Your Clients are Our Clients

Serving Your Needs, Exceeding Their Expectations

Convenience & Speed
Accept sample submissions or pick-up requests anytime from anywhere, without relying on physical, handwritten, or typed documents.
Clarity in Communication
Receive accurate and complete sample information promptly, ensuring your lab is well-prepared and clients are assured their submissions are accurately documented.
Guided Process
Clear instructions and intuitive form design ensures ease of use and accuracy for a hassle-free and user-friendly experience.
Tailored Experience
Lab Phorms can show or hide fields, change options, and even modify requirements based on earlier answers, ensuring each client only sees what’s relevant to their specific testing needs.
Flexibility for Varied Samples
Designed to support a variety of sample types, the form adapts to capture the specific information pertaining to each sample matrix.
Error Reduction and Accuracy
By eliminating irrelevant fields and guiding the user through the necessary steps, the system significantly reduces the potential for input errors.
Streamlined Onboarding Process
Clients who visit your website can immediately transition from learning about your services to actively engaging with them, thanks to the intuitive sample submission form.
Brand Consistency
Our forms include a custom landing page tailored to fit your brand, ensuring that clients engage with a cohesive and familiar online environment.
Enhanced Record-Keeping
Provides a digital trail that enhances traceability and compliance. Centralizes and organizes data for easier access and analysis.

Customized Solutions, Precise Outcomes

Personalize Your Lab's Sample Submission and Sample Scheduling Experience

Bespoke Form Solutions

Fully customizable fields in the submission form to capture exactly the data you need, whether it's sample type, testing requirements, or any unique specifications.

Dynamic Adjustments

As laboratory needs evolve, your Lab Phorms can be modified, ensuring it always meets your lab's current analytical offerings.

Brand Integration

We customize a landing page for your form that integrates seamlessly with your lab’s website, maintaining brand aesthetics and logos, thus ensuring a cohesive user experience for clients.

Sample Pickup Scheduling

Do you offer sample pickup or courier services? Easily digitize logistics management, ensuring pickups are scheduled in an organized manner.
Transparent and Flexible Pricing

Find the Perfect Plan for Your Laboratory

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1 Fully Customizable Phorm
Supports Multiple Sample Types
Custom Landing Page and Subdomain
Unlimited Submissions
Lifetime Premium Support
Appointment Scheduler



Up to 3 Fully Customizable Phorms
Supports Multiple Sample Types
Appointment Scheduler
Scheduler App Access
Custom Landing Page and Subdomain
Unlimited Submissions
Lifetime Premium Support
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Up to 9 Fully Customizable Lab Phorms
Additional Landing Pages and Subdomains
Web Developer Access for Advanced Customization and Form Control
Supports Multiple Sample Types
Appointment Scheduler
Scheduler App Access
Unlimited Submissions
Lifetime Premium Support
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